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We produce HAIR PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS in PRIVATE LABEL, from the formula to the packaging, for those who want to distribute professional hair products with their own brand.

At your disposal:

  • more than 700 cosmetic formulas certified for export
  • a research and development laboratory
  • products certified according to the law and ready to be distributed in every market (EU and not-EU)
  • listening, punctuality, convenience
  • a marketing department ready to create, together with you, your next business

You put the idea and we’ll give you the tools to make it happens.



Every successful business is born from the synergy between a good product and an adequate marketing.


Each project starts with a brain storming, necessary to understand your wishes are and how we can join them with the market and budget.


The second phase is our proposal, in which – thanks to the support of images (and then physical samples) – you will see your idea translated into a real product.


The third and last phase is production: it is the moment in which your idea comes to life and becomes business.

“Quality is never casual; it is always the result of an intelligent effort.”


Let’s work together

We provide our Know-How, a 30 years experience and a professional team with all the skills you need to build your project.

prodotti professionali per capelli conto terzi

Dream big

Tell us about your project, together we’ll find the best way to make it happens; whether it’s a small step or a journey that takes you far.