Shapes: Karibelly Color Action Hair Collection

The new KARIBELLY COLOR ACTION’s Hair Collection of  is SHAPES.

SHAPES are the forms of female beauty.
Soft like a woman’s body or full of sharp edges as can be her character.

Rebels, plastics, sweets or futuristic, the shapes we think about are the same we have in our soul.
The three moods proposed by KARIBELLY COLOR ACTION are three inspirations that reflect three different types of women.
As always, the brand’s choice is to support the way of being of each of us, increasing our strengths.



Permanent hair coloring cream

COLOR ACTION hair color cream is hair dye with:

  • WHEAT GERM extract: strengthening and elasticizing,
  • ALOE: known for its precious moisturizing properties,
  • HONEY: Nourishing and regenerating,
  • BEESWAX: polishing and protective.

COLOR ACTION allows the total coverage of white hair in addition to a bright and  long lasting cosmetic color.

Nuances: 117
Tube: 100 ml

Color Action tinta capelli permanente


Oil Colour without ammonia

COLOR OIL is the KARIBELLY COLOR ACTION ‘s semi-permanent oil-color.

Without ammonia, delicate and super moisturizing, it is made with ARGAN, known for its nourishing and conditioning properties.

It covers perfectly white hair and, thanks to its gentle formula, it is particularly recommended for those who suffer from skin sensitivity, pregnant women and atopics.

Nuances: 61
Tube: 100 ml

coloring oil


Temporary color mask

DIRECT COLOR is the KARIBELLY COLOR ACTION’s temporary colouring MASK.

Thanks to its gel consistency and its formulation rich in white tea, it can be used on every wash.

On natural hair it gives beautiful and intense reflections, on colored hair it accentuates the cosmetic color, renewing it every time we wash the hair.

The conditioning elements contained in DIRECT COLOR leave the hair soft and light, just like a mask of beauty.

Nuances: 10
Tube: 200 ml