Between classic phytotherapy and modern cosmetology: Cosmo Organic project

The ability to clearly see and understand the true meaning of things.

We are pleased and proud to present you the products of our COSMO laboratory: with the same spirit, one of our peasant ancestors would have offered you the most beautiful fruits of his garden.

We have always had a good relationship with NATURE: even today, in fact, our raw materials are recently pressed vegetable oils, also from flowers and herbs distilled drop by drop, plant juices extracted with artisan patience, essences given as a gift from a generous nature.

They come to COSMO from the four corners of the world, they impregnate our people and our workplaces with their scent. And we then dispense them with both hands in our bottles, boxes, jars for all those who, like us, believe in the infinite properties of the simple and know that, if being beautiful by nature is a gift of fate or rather an unknown factor of genetics, becoming beautiful thanks to a conscious use of nature is an art to be carefully cultivated with patience, culture and trust.

Certainly, nowadays it is difficult to practice the art of natural aesthetics with masks of freshly ground fruit in a mortar or with preparations of herbs harvested by expert hands. And it would also be wrong to forget that the refined modern extraction techniques are excellent allies and offer us extremely pure, increasingly effective plant derivatives: extensin, phytosomes… We therefore think that many can share our philosophy which contemplates the alliance between the precious wisdom of the past and the undeniable achievements of the present.

Between classic phytotherapy and modern cosmetology

We have always been, by family and local tradition, in love with the infinite virtues of plants, indeed intent on researching their still unexplored potential, but we do not refuse the precious aids of science and modern technologies.

All our Cosmetics are born from passion and inspiration, verified in a production activity that has more than 30 years of experience and, we think we can say it, of successes. Often recommended, tested, criticized and improved by consumers all over the world.

Our Research and Development Laboratory watches over the quality of COSMO cosmetics, produced in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards and using high-tech, eco-friendly and low-energy consumption systems. To verify their tolerability, they are subjected to rigorous laboratory tests to determine Safety and Functionality.

Ethics: our language, our vocation

We produce Cosmetics because this is our way of expressing ourselves. We have always done it with the utmost care, so that the finished product can bring quality and professional performance to as many people as possible. We believe in the possibility of a more conscious lifestyle, rooted in respect for ourselves and for common resources.

Benefits of the phytotherapeutic world within the urban context

Our constant commitment is to create a bridge that connects all the strength of nature to our daily lifestyle, to our fluid and fast rhythms. The modern phyto-technology of COSMO ORGANIC takes its inspiration from its dual nature, vegetable and urban.

We want to bring the best of botanical experience into our daily lives: sustainability is a broader idea for us.

Regarding the environment…

Eco-sustainability is a constant goal for COSMO. We have embarked on a path that leads us every day to do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact. We apply this awareness to our production methods and finished products.

…and about people.

Sustainability is also a social value, which goes hand in hand with accessibility. It is not a utopia, but a tangible goal, which must be pursued with practical actions every day.

We firmly believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a privilege, but a choice, therefore accessible to everyone. Because real change can only be created by sharing good practices.

And for this reason, every single step of our value chain is dedicated to achievable sustainability: from our production chain, with the corporate selection of raw materials, up to the purchase of the product in the salon by the end customer. Our rule of conduct extends to all those who work with us, and consequently also to those who choose us.

We wanted to create professional quality products, at the same time, within the reach of as many people as possible.

And we succeed.